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How to Start a Club

The Collegiate Kiteboarding Association was started in 2003 by Matthew Sexton who held the first ever college kiteboarding competition in the Florida Keys over Spring Break. He built the organization up into a committed group of college kiteboarders who ran the biggest events and parties on the East and West coasts during the CKA’s peak . These riders have all grown up to play instrumental roles in the kiteboarding industry and we have finally recognized that it is time to register the CKA as a nonprofit organization 501-C.

You can support the CKA in any one of these ways:

  • Donate: Score BRAND NEW gear from our Sponsors (Limited stock)






  • Vimeo: Make a donation by clicking on the TipJar link underneath any of our videos

14-15 East Coast Tour Stop #1: Chucktown from CKA on Vimeo.

  • Make a PayPal – Donate an amount of your choice straight to us!
  • Equipment Donation – Your old equipment is eligible for a tax write off  if you get in appraised. These donations go towards prizes, building college clubs and fundraisers. Please print this form and send it to us and
  • GoFundMe campaign:

  • Give directly to one of our Teams: Our Teams could really benefit from your donated equipment which you can all use for your own tax purposes.


Florida State University


Gift In-Kind form

Western Washington University

Letter + form

We strive to bring college kiteboarding clubs together to compete in a safe and structured way by insuring that events are legal and properly insured. We endeavour to have events to be student led and keep the organization profit free independent from corporate sponsors. We charge an annual membership fee which allows clubs and individuals to participate in the CKA Regional and National tour. We also facilitate a donation program which we fairly distribute amongst CKA members, along with access to the best deals in the kiteboarding industry. Our ultimate goal is to provide scholarship for a student to attend a college that has a kiteboarding club.

The CKA invites anyone that has been involved in the past to reconnect. If you have any content you feel should be included on the site, please send it through. We welcome new members with fresh ideas to push forward.