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Billy Bosch

Billy Bosch

Graduated: UF, 2010
Degree: Bachelors in Civil Engineering
Currently: Owns Good Breeze Kiteboarding / Ron Jon Kiteboarding



Time teaching watersports: 12 years
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida.  Multiple Master’s classes in Ocean Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.
Certifications: IKO Level 2 Instructor, NAUI Advanced SCUBA diver, CPR and First Aid
Favorite Trick: Air off the Lip on a Strapless Surfboard
Background: Billy has been surfing and participating in extreme sports since a little kid. He began surfing at the Cocoa Beach Pier at a very early age. Working as a surf instructor in the summers during high school and college, he quickly caught on to the amazing activity that is Kiteboarding.  It wasn’t long before everyone was asking him for lessons and Good Breeze Kiteboarding was born. Ron Jon Kiteboarding was created after years of working as a Surf Instructor and Summer Camp Director at the Ron Jon Surf School. Billy has done a great deal of traveling to Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Outer Banks. He has spent time in many areas of Florida including Daytona Beach, the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville and Cocoa Beach. During his time at the University of Florida, he created the Kiteboarding Gators Club and participated in many Collegiate Kiteboarding Association (CKA) events and competitions. He is still active in the CKA and constantly encourages college students to get involved.  Read more about Billy here in Shop Talk from The Kiteboarder Magazine.

Hurricane Sandy Session from Oli Berlic on Vimeo.


Q. Name the college kiteboarding club you were apart of and tell us about your involvement?
A. University of Florida Kiteboarding Gators. I founded this club at UF in 2008 and attended and helped coordinate multiple CKA events.
Q. Where were your local spots?
A. Mostly St Augustine or Jacksonville areas. Gainesville is a little way from the coast so getting to the best spots usually involved driving. We often went Matanzas Inlet or Hugeunot Park. Experimented a little with lakes and west coast spots near by. 
Q. What school did you attend, the program you were enrolled in and your top achievements?
A. I went to the University of Florida and graduated with bachelors in Civil Engineering. While finishing my degree, I started Good Breeze Kiteboarding Inc. The last year and half of school was spent commuting from Cocoa Beach to Gainesville. I began working with the Ron Jon Surf School to form Ron Jon Kiteboarding. The shop and school has grown tremendously since and now my full time job. 
Q. What are you doing now?
A. Now I run Good Breeze Kiteboarding and Ron Jon Kiteboarding in Cocoa Beach, FL. We have a large shop, school and online store to offer equipment and lessons to people throughout the country. I also spend a lot of time traveling in the caribbean teaching water sports on private islands and to high end executives. 
Q. What were your best times in the CKA?
A. Its hard to narrow it down but we had some great times in Key West for Spring Break events.  Every event was great though. It was an inspiration to meet so many liked minded people all looking to better themselves through higher education. It is crazy how many of the original guys are still heavily involved in the kiteboarding industry. Despite living all over the place, I still stay in touch with most of the crew from my CKA years. The contacts I made by attending these events are certainly the best thing to take from it. 
Q. Where do you see the CKA going in the future?
A. I see it continuing to grow with support from growing alumni and students. I see larger and larger sponsors seeing the potential of the sport. I see level of riders growing dramatically. There will be tons of great connections and life long friendships created through the CKA.