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Brian Walters

BrianWaltersBrian Walters

Graduated: FSU, 2009
Degree: MS. Financial mathematics
Currently: Financial investor


Q. Name the college kiteboarding club you were apart of and tell us about your involvement?

A. I was offered a Fulbright scholarship to go to college in the US and decided to go to Florida State University because there they had a kiteboarding club. I was President of the club in 2008 where we had up to 15 college riders and 30 paying members. We organized a number of trips, lessons, equipment deals and donations. This was the busiest period for the CKA to date with over 10 competitions in and 8 participating college clubs in Florida.
Q. Where were your local spots?
A. Steady East sunrise sessions in the Panhandle after long nights partying in Tallahassee, riding in the Oyster bed slicks, fence hopping to Booties secret spot and getting chased by a shotgun baring Rednecks whilst lost in the woods after a downwinder. 
Q. What schools did you attend, the program you were enrolled in and your top achievements?
A. Florida State University, Masters in Financial Mathematics
Q. What are you doing now?
A. In 2015 I commenced volunteering my time and income to the cause(s) that can demonstrate an ability for improving equality in the world. Managing an investment portfolio and global proprietary trading team. President of CKA. Treasurer & previous Chairman of Fulbright New Zealand Alumni Association. Riding in Brasil, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Fiji and the Chatham Island. Learning Te Ara Reo Māori.

Best Kiteboarding New Zealand 2015 from smpl on Vimeo.

Q. What were your best times in the CKA?
A. Mello in St Petersburg. Suits in Jacksonville. The motorbike incident in Key West. A certain downwinder involving a Brown Snake in the Keys. The oTHErside in Islamorada. Car rides in Fort Lauderdale. A wilderbeest in South Padre Island. 
Q. Where do you see the CKA going in the future?
A. The CKA has been structured as 501-c not-profit to support the growth of college kiteboarding in the US. We want to build a sustainable organization that will continue to be independent and led by college riders in the future. My immediate goal is establish a structured college kiteboarding circuit (East and West Regional Finals and National final) which are all permitted, insured and windy. My long term goals are to establish a kiteboarding scholarship.