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Matt Sexton

Matthew Sexton

Graduated: Eckerd College, 2010
Degree: Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Small Business Start-Up, Sports Marketing
Currently: Keys Cable & oTHErside Adventure Park, LLC

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Q. Name the college kiteboarding club you were apart of and tell us about your involvement?
A. Eckerd College’s Triton Kiteboarding Club.  I was the co-founder and president and helped establish a team of dedicated riders that were some of the first competitors and contributors to the CKA.  Triton Kiteboarding was one the original clubs that the CKA was founded out of and in our best year we six full time instructors a very well developed budget.
Q. Where were your local spots?
A. Saint Pete / Tampa Bay was our local area and it was during the beginning of the kite boom in the Bay Area.  Places like east beach fort desoto and Pass-A-Grille Beach were hotspots for our club and to this date were some of the best sessions i’ve ever had.  10 people all pushing eachother, shredding as hard as we knew how, and someone sitting on the sidelines with a mega phone calling everyone out to push themselves harder, best riding times I can remember!
Q. What school did you attend, the program you were enrolled in and your top achievements?
A. I went to Eckerd College with a plan on studying International Business.  Kiteboarding and developing a water sports business while I was in school ended up having me transfer my studies over to the Management Collegium where I developed a concentration dubbed “Culture and Entrepreneurial Processes”.  I graduated with that on a piece of paper and in between getting that done managed to help found the CKA, develop the Triton Kiteboarding Club, start my own Kiteboarding School and establish a career with Slingshot Sports as a Professional Rider and Sales Rep.
Q. What are you doing now?
A. After a bunch of injuries and a good amount of success in the Sales side of the Kite and Wake Industry I decided to step down from my sales position at Slingshot and focus back on riding and building a new project with my long time friends / sponsor oTHErside Boardsports in the Florida Keys.  After a couple years of planning we successfully opened Keys Cable & oTHErside Adventure Park, LLC.  It is the first cable park in the world to be owned and operated in conjunction with a kiteboarding school, and we specialize in every aspect of riding and training from complete novice to seasoned pro.  On the side I still do a good bit of traveling and media work, kiting is still my backbone but now i spend alot of my time, wakeboarding, spearfishing, freediving, skydiving, and doing some out of the box Stand Up Paddleboarding.  I’m lucky enough to continually be supported in these endeavors and I’d like to that Slingshot, Salt Life, oTHErside, Keys Cable, Runa, and Live Watersports for the ability to have as much fun as i DO!!!

Q. What were your best times in the CKA?
A. The CKA was something that I helped found as an actual legal entity but from my perspective I was just organizing the idea’s of everyone involved and putting them into play.  There were so many like minded people that we were able to bring together through the CKA and the events and gatherings were some of the most fun kiteboarding things I’ve done to date.  Alot of original CKA people are still very involved in my life and I definitely met some life long friends!
Q. Where do you see the CKA going in the future?
A. After stepping down due to chronic ADD and a constant urge to go about 53 different directions all at once, the CKA was beautifully resurrected by a couple of the original members, Brian Walters and Ryan Druyor.  The organization was successfully transformed into a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and is continuing to get a more developed infrastructure that is bringing together college riders from all over the country and breaking down barriers to entry that have limited the participation of the younger generation!  Eventually I see the CKA being the testing ground for the development of a full blown national tour.  Kids learn to compete and practice through the CKA and work their way up to a professional competitive level, all the while being brought together to celebrate the sport and have fun and push each other!