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Reed Brady

Graduated: Cal Poly, 2014

Degree: Recreation, Parks and Tourism with a concentration in Sport Management… and kites…

Sponsors – Slingshot team rider and R&D, Dakine, Floras Lake Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

# years riding – 13

Q. Name the college kiteboarding club you were apart of and tell us about your involvement?
A. Cal Poly’s kiteboarding club. As a freshman there was a pretty well established kite club with a bunch of guys that had things pretty dialed… and then there was the other group of kiters that were sort of on the fringes. To be honest, I wasn’t too involved in the kite club, I left it to the guys that already had it going, and I was lazy, all I wanted to do was kite. So whenever there were meetings or events I would always be dipping somewhere else. It was never anything against the club at all, it was just me, along with some other guys like Patrick Rebstock, exploring different places and trying to ride by ourselves. We were always a part of the club and would participate in all the competitions, but were for the most part on our own agenda. I will have to admit though, some of my best memories of college where at the kite house just getting rowdy. It really was a fun house with a great group of guys.

BIP: Salty Dog from BarneysInParadise on Vimeo.

Q. Where were your local spots?
A. We pretty much just bounced back and forth between Pismo and Morro Bay. Both places were too close for homework’s comfort and we would be out there almost every day either surfing or kiting.

Q. What school did you attend, the program you were enrolled in and your top achievements?
A. California Polytechnic State University. AKA: Cal Poly. I actually started out going to the community college five minutes away and was there for two years before I made it out alive and transferred to Cal Poly. From there I studied (drum roll) Recreation, Parks and Tourism! With a concentration in sport management. My greatest achievement in the major was tying a very intricate knot and setting up a very elaborate tent. Pretty critical stuff.

I ACTUALLY chose sport management because of my family’s kiting school up in Oregon – Floras Lake Windsurfing and Kiteboarding – and want to pursue the possibility of either owning my own business or adding on to the school. We are pretty secluded up there and it would be cool to see if I could expand the schools horizons to different areas along the coast.

Q. What are you doing now?
A. Right now I am currently living the nomadic lifestyle and working with Slingshot. After graduating in the Spring of 2014 I taught lessons as usual over the summer, made as much as I could, then took off for the winter. I went to Maui for a while, drove the whole Baja peninsula, and went snowkiting and boarding in Jackson Hole and Utah. Now it’s fall time again, I have some money in my account from the summer, and now it’s time to take off again!

Q. What were your best times in the CKA?
A. The Cal Poly kiteboard club at one point was pretty dang fun. When I came in as a freshman I caught the tail end of a bunch of fun guys that did a good job in promoting the club as well as putting on events and competitions. I remember there was the “kite house” (RIP), which housed Scott Edwards, Andy Crafts, Ben Icard, Michael Pedone, Grant Cook, and Joe Sager… to name a few. All these guys were pretty frickin’ smart with degrees in gnarly engineering of the sorts. Pretty much every party that happened at that house ended up in a very foggy morning. One of my best, and worst, memories was when we had a competition down in Santa Barbara with the Isla Vista kite crew. There was always the “surf” division and the “freestyle” division. I would always be in the freestyle category while Patrick Rebstock would be in the surf division. He would sometimes dabble in the freestyle and I would always kick his ass and I would sometimes dabble in the waves and he would kick my ass. But there was that ONE TIME when the wind was petering off and Pat (being a light aboriginal, whatever-race, boy) managed to squeeze a few more tricks in AND BEAT ME. I was so upset. And to this day he will never let me live it down.

Q. Where do you see the CKA going in the future?
A. I would really like to see the CKA become more refined on the West Coast. The East Coast has it pretty dialed in over there. I feel that the West Coast has always had a little bit of a tougher time getting things rolling over here, mainly due to the conditions. I know it gets cold as t*ts over on the East Coast but for the most part it’ll get a lot warmer than California – at least in terms of water temperature in the southern states. There is also a LOT more flat water over there, which breeds high quality riders. So with the combination of warmer weather and flat water it makes sense that the East Coast has things figured out. It’s easy for students to get into it and to be able to go and practice a bunch. Over here it’s a different story, most of the spots we ride, at least during the school year, aren’t particularly geared for events and are difficult to learn at. Most areas are rocky, cold, and the surf is usually macking. There’s no wind in Southern California and the further North you go the gnarlier the conditions get. So for the West Coast I feel it’s going to take a major push for us to get our acts together, the East Coast I think will continue to grow and in doing so, will hopefully inspire us to really step up.

Counterbalance 2010 Patrick Rebstock and Reed Brady from LivingTheDream on Vimeo.

AIRHEAD from BarneysInParadise on Vimeo.

Make it Nasty (LivingTheDream Remix) feat. Reed Brady and Tyga from LivingTheDream on Vimeo.

BIP: Weekend Millionaires from BarneysInParadise on Vimeo.