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2017 Foiling Regional Championships

2017 Foiling Regional Championships

The CKA Regional #Foiling Championships will be held in conjunction with CR:X North America – Convertible Kite Racing.

The event is scheduled for November 17-19 in Miami hosted by the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami, FL and the welcome party at the Adventure Sports shop in Coconut Grove (they’re about 5 blocks apart from each other).

The Coral Reef Yacht Club, in conjunction with Adventure Sports, will host the 2017 CR:X North American Championships over the dates of November 17-19! The CR:X is a unique one design kiteboarding platform that features a convertible board, providing for free ride fun and racing in both twin tip and foil “modes”. This year’s North American Champs will feature the CR:X in foil mode with racing to take place right off the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Biscayne Bay. Charter equipment is available on a limited basis, first come, first served, so make sure to register now through Regatta Toolbox.

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This three-day event is sure to feature some incredibly tight racing on Biscayne Bay! With all riders on matched equipment, this regatta will certainly be a test of skill and rider ability. Parties, prizes, and a good time for all – November is one heck of a month for kiteboarding in Miami! Get on over to Regatta Toolbox and well see you on the water in November!

Registration here. The event will be run in an “all inclusive” format with everybody starting at the same time and being scored together. When you register, please enter “CKA” as your “boat name” that will help us to break out the divisions when we score everybody – that way we can all race together but have separate results and “divisions” for the CKA crowd. The registration will also ask for a sail number – just explain that you can enter whatever number you want for now, and on Thursday evening at Adventure Sports at the registration party, we’ll hand out numbered jerseys and can update numbers on the scoring system then.

There are two options, one for charter gear and one for BYO CR:X gear. Since pretty much nobody has their own CR:X kits, most people will select the “charter gear” option. In order to give the CKA squad a bit of a price break, just have them register under the BYO option, since it’s a bit cheaper. Because all gear is supplied, they’ll really just need to bring a harness and whatever else they want to ride in (wetsuit, top, etc.) and they should be all set. I’ve also attached a flyer for the event that you can feel free to distribute or pass along to anybody who may be interested – this provides a pretty basic summary of the event.

Due to the availability of charter gear, we’ll likely only be able to take 22 or so, so you may just want to explain that they should register ASAP so that they’re not left out of the event if registration does fills up. Also, the sooner they register, the better an idea we’ll have of the exact number of people and can start working on housing for everybody.