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East Coast Tour Stop #4: Marathon Key, FL

East Coast Tour Stop #4: Marathon Key, FL


Congrats to all the riders who placed:
Mens Freestyle (Advanced)

1st Niklas Reymann FIU

2nd Anthony DeFilippo UCF

3rd Chase Goodwin UCF

4th Bret Sullivan FAU

Mens Freestyle (Amature)

1st Kit Fisher UCF

2nd Roy Becker FAU

3rd Noah Koolick FAU

4th Sven Schneider FAU

5th Alex Arno UCF

6th Suliman Ayad UCF

Men’s Race

1st Niklas Reymann  FAU

2nd Bret Sullivan FAU

3rd Chase Goodwin UCF

4th Kit Fisher UCF

5th Anthony DeFilippo UCF

6th Noah Koolick FAU

7th Suliman Ayad UCF

8th Sven Schneider FAU

9th Roy Becker FAU

Womens Freestyle

1st Taylor Swanson – FAU

2nd Julia Bustos – FAU

Women’s Race

1st Julia Bustos FAU

2nd Taylor Swanson FAU

Team points
1st FAU 66.5
2nd UCF 52.5
3rd FIU 20

14/15 East Coast Tour Stop #4: Marathon Key, FL from CKA on Vimeo.




Facebook event

Complete Rider Registration and get a CKA Pass to streamline everything at the event here

Party Saturday night: Big bonfire + jam band

Camping info: Bring tents and long sleeves / pants for bugs. They’re not bad especially if there’s wind but first and last hour of the day can be a bit irritating.

Cable: Includes gear rentals and coaching on features for people who haven’t ridden them before.

Kite lessons: Either solo lesson or 2 people per instructor (1 gear set), that have to be close in size (40 lb difference or less). CKA special price as long as a bunch of gear doesn’t get trashed. We have to book ahead for confirmation. Booking and cancellation charges will have to be run like usual. Get in touch ASAP as already got a group that is taking up most of my instructors for one session each day, so space is limited. $100 p/person for solo or $140 p/ group of 2.

Best Kiteboarding
Slingshot Kite
Keys Cable and Adventure Park
oTHErside Boardsports

Current Rankings and Points

1st Florida Atlantic University 100
2nd College of Charleston 61.5
3rd Florida International University 28
4th Flagler College 20
5th University of Central Florida 19.5
6th Florida Southern College8
7th University of Florida 5.5
8th= Florida State University 5
8th= University of South Florida 5

1st Bret Sullivan FAU 39
2nd Niklas Reymann FIU 28
3rd India Stephenson Flagler College 20
4th Brandon Cordina CofC 15
5th Ben Holmquist CofC 15
6th Taylor Swanson FAU 13.5
7th Daniel Ware CofC 13
8th Chase Goodwin UCF 13
9th Sven Schneider FAU 12
10th Julia Bustos FAU 12
11th Roy Becker FAU 11.5
12th Brendan Guthrie CofC 8
13th Chase Russell FSC 8
14th Chelsea Mercede FAU 7
15th Kit Fisher UCF 6.5
16th Aaron Walten CofC 5
17th Patrick Fletcher FSU 5
18th Noah Koolick FAU 5
19th Evan Moore USF 5
20th Tanner Shuck CofC 3
21st Jon Kistemaker UF 3
22nd Reed Baldridge CofC 2.5
23rd Alex Montgomery UF 2.5