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Collegiate Kite Series – Tour Stop #3: Miami

Collegiate Kite Series – Tour Stop #3: Miami


CKA teams and riders continue to compete in order to qualify for East Coast Regional Championships.

Where: Matheson Hammocks Park

When: Postpone until Feb 22/23 or March 1/2 – We are only running the event if it is windy and will be postponed to the second weekend if necessary – so plan in advance!

What: Freestyle, Race and Big Air Divisions.

Entry: You or your team must be a CKA member to compete. Please take the time to fill out Event Registration below and bring the release with you to the event!

Sponsors: Adventure Sports Miami

Prizes: Cash for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Shirts, rashguards and hats.

Adventure Sports Miami have donated shirts, rashguards and hats! This will go to the team with the most points, see Rules

Kite school

LF demos

After party at ???
The best day for the contest will be chosen and finalized 72 hours before the contest occurs (within the parameters of the two designated weekends) based on the best wind conditions available. On the chosen contest day Registration will open from 8am-10am, rider meeting at 10:30am, then begin heats at 11am. The contest format will be 12 minute freestyle heats with 3-4 competitors per heat, followed by a semi final and then a final. We anticipate this process to be anywhere from 3-4 hours long. Once the freestyle competition is concluded we will immediately start a short course race with a windward leward race course, which should take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. We will aim for awards ceremony to be around 5 pm, however if we have time we will try to run a “Big Air” contest(only if we have time). We will bring in 2-3 judges with experience in the freestyle discipline to help judge the contest. We will also bring in 5-10 volunteer students to help run the event.


One time $25 Registration fee

 Membership Application