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CKA West Coast Regional Championships

CKA West Coast Regional Championships

****************************************************************** Event Wrap up

Congratulations to all the riders and schools who competed in the West Coast Regional Championship yesterday. We had a great event and lucked out with a strong sea breeze to pull off both a freestyle and surf style division. Cal Poly was the big winner taking top honors on the podium and a new Liquid Force Focus 134 for being top school. CKA hopes to keep building up the West Coast with more college riders, alumni and at least one female at the next event.

Thank you to all the participants, Liquid Force, Best, Dakine, The Kiteboarder Magazine, judges and spectators who came out. A special thanks to James Ropner, Marina Chang and Mikey Benaron who were pivotal for this successful event.

Results Surf style: 1. Sean Mertens – Cal Poly 2. Pike Harris – Cal Poly 3. Matt Elasser – Cal Poly 4. Terence Seamen – SBCC 5. Alden Simmer – Cal Poly 6. Reed Brady – Cal Poly 7. Alex Thon – WWU 8. Casey Klusener – UCSB Freestyle: 1. Reed Brady – Cal Poly 2. Brendan Kerr – Cal Poly 3. Alden Simmer – Cal Poly 4. Alex Thon – WWU 5. Stephen Turney  – SBCC   Overall results of US riders and Teams posted Here. Next stop Nationals at Hatteras in July!


CKA brings you a comp for Cali schools to determine the best Freestyle and Surf college riders! We look to break down the event into Advanced and Amateur divisions across each of Freestyle and Wave competitions. We will do our best to run all of these events with 2-3 heats per division but much of that will be wind dependent. Typically there are less entrants in the Advanced category. We usually divvy up $250 of cash to the top 3 riders in Adv and Ama Freestyle and 1st place of the Surf. When: Easter Weekend April 18-21 Top riders will be invited to Nationals the summer to square off the best East coast riders! You can help us by supporting our campaign to raise funds for competitors to get to Nationals:. Location: meet near Grand Ave Schedule: Friday
9-11am Registration
Day event: Freestyle comp
5.00pm Beach Cleanup

9-11am Registration
Day event: Surf comp
4.00pm Awards ceromony
5.00pm Beach Cleanup
8pm Afterparty brought to you by #BIP

After party brought to you by Barney’s in Paradise #bip Judges: James Ropner Mikey Benaron Sponsors: Liquid Force Kites BEST Kiteboarding DAKINE
Finally, we are extending the video competition to the end of April to give West coast schools a shot winning it! Submit your riding videos and be sure to include the CKA bumper.

Individual 1x Event Registration ($25)

Register closed