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Video Comp


– All submitted videos should be labelled under a registered CKA Team Member and must feature in the Media section of the website

– The prize will go to the CKA Team that has the most video hits using the sum total of uploaded videos, Also upload your video to Instagram with #collegekite and we will credit your likes to the total count.

– Videos will only be counted that feature College riders, use the CKA bumper and are uploaded between  October 16th 2013 and April 22nd 2014

Current standings:

Rank / Team / Sum total Points

1. / FAU / 27.5k

2. / Cal Poly / 8.8k

3. FIU / 0.2k

* Last updated 5/11/14


Cal Poly

Total Points = 6,765+878+1,159 = 8,802


Total Points = 8,606+5,624+12,5k + 764 = 27,494

Balance Act – Sean Buell from Sean Buell on Vimeo.

Road to Nationals from Bret Sullivan on Vimeo.

Best Bro’s – Buell & Sullivan from Buell on Vimeo.



Total Points = 213