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Western Kiteboarding consists of people who share a passion for having a good time and kiteboarding. Located in Bellingham, WA at Western Washington University, our goal is to provide similar minded people with the opportunity to get involved with the kiteboarding community through meetings, instruction, competition, and adventure. We address the issue of the sport’s start out cost by offering free lessons to all active members, as well as a fleet of gear that members can sign out and practice on until they can complete their own quiver.

Kiting season here is year round but due to weather our club is structured as follows: Fall quarter is basic gear introduction, trainer kite flying, and possible water time if weather provides. Winter quarter is snow kiting, where members can practice their kite flying skills and experience the snow. Spring quarter is kiting on the water and training trips. Finally, if students choose to stay in town during the summer, they will have full access to all our gear stored at our Community Center, which is located at our main riding spot, Locust Beach, known for it’s amazing winds and flat, shallow water. If you’re looking for an amazing school, atmosphere, and kiteboarding program then come to Western Washington University.