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CKA Video competition

CKA Video competition

We are calling all college students to submit videos featuring riding and lifestyle from your college. The team with the most video hits will receive a 2013 Best TS 12m.

The Collegiate Kite Series offers great events for filming. The videos that capture the most views are likely to include college riders throwing down, crazy college lifestyle and dope video edits. So get to the beach for some riding and filming!

See Media section of the website

2 week long Extension to Video comp

We have been approached by a brand new student sport network who are recruiting student athletes from 30 different sports. They would like to showcase an Elite kiteboarder.

The kiteboarder needs to develop a 2 minute kite film with music (no profanities) to be highlighted at the launch. 

Prize: $1000 cash sponsorship

Deadline: April 22nd

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We will select the final video that goes through to the sponsor. Here are some guidelines:
1.) about 2 minutes.
2.) somewhat PG. No profanity in music.
3.) entertaining to broad audience. Not just Kiteboarders.
5.) Rider name and school
6.) must have access to video itself in a format that can be sent. Not just posted on YouTube or Vimeo (although that is acceptable for viewing until winner is decided)
7.) Attached are the logos you need to include.